Tymor contributes to Maritime 2050

24th January 2019 | MOSIS

Maritime 2050 Tymor Marine

Tymor Marine welcomes the release of Maritime 2050.  We are pleased to have had the opportunity to contribute to this important strategy for the future of the shipping industry.  The document contains a Technology and Innovation route map which sets a pathway for how Government and Industry can work together to ensure that the UK becomes a leader in the development, manufacture, uptake and use of maritime autonomous technologies.

Tymor is further developing our MOSIS system, Measurement Of Stability In Service, to support down-manned, remotely operated or autonomous vessels.  While most autonomous technology is currently focused on the operation of the vessel using aids such as radar and weather information to make decisions for routing and collision avoidance, Tymor is focused on providing data to support the absence of experienced mariners on board autonomous vessels, so they can make informed decisions, remotely, on the critical issues affecting the vessel’s stability.

Maritime 2050 documents can be found here.