Naval Architecture

What can we do for your vessel?

Vessel Upgrade and Modification

Our naval architects have in-depth experience of modifying and upgrading existing vessels. From main engine replacement to installation of deck equipment, we cover all areas. What gives us an edge is that we are more than office-based engineers, we are experienced master mariners, chief engineer officers and project engineers with a true understanding of how floating vessels operate.

Project Seafastening

Seafastening design is often the least exciting part a project. Carried out properly, utilising our broad experience, it can reduce cost and increase the efficiency of the mobilisation. Although there is no ‘one size fits all’ for every seafastening, we do utilise standard brackets for common items and concentrate our efforts on the equipment that may need a specific solution.

Structural Analysis

A floating vessel is more than a steel beam. Unlike civil engineering, a vessel will bend, twist, and accelerate. Our structural analysis approach focuses on the end use. With our practical marine background, this is at the forefront of our analysis.