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What is MOSIS?

MetOcean Analysis Services

The requirement to appreciate and understand the operational marine environment and the risks associated with it has never been greater. Tymor Marine provides a range of MetOcean analysis services to the marine and civil engineering industries. With our internal capability and experience we understand MetOcean parameters, their measurement, meaning and use. Tymor can assist projects to integrate the MetOcean parameters with their engineering.

Whether it is an operational review of your offshore project, an analysis of nearshore waves on your built structure or even the effect of seaspray on nearshore equipment, Tymor Marine has the range of necessary skills to carry out detailed studies and provide the assurance that your project assumptions are realistic and correct.

Our services include :-

  • Analysis of MetOcean data
  • Integration of MetOcean parameters with engineering
  • Waves and wave spectral analysis
  • Modelling of wave propagation into shallow waters and surge/beach zones
  • Development of spectra from input winds and other parameters
  • Analysis of flows on (and into the substructure) of beaches and analysis of coastal flows and wave overtopping
  • Design of breakwaters and coastal defences, modelling of waves on coarse beaches, and assessment of adaptability to morphological change and sea level rise
  • Economic assessment of coastal works and wave overtopping
  • Beach and Coastal Flows


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