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What is MOSIS?

Marine Solutions

Tymor Marine has a great deal of marine expertise, ranging from the management and operation of vessels, through to the use of these vessels for offshore projects. Our utilisation of experienced masters and chief engineers is critical to the delivery of our services. These experienced mariners also provide input to our design and analysis team, ensuring that our solutions are practical and workable.

Our mariners always approach their assignments from the perspective of vessel operability and suitability, particularly from a health and safety perspective. Whether it is a CMID/OVID inspection or as a joint marine and naval architecture review of a vessel’s suitability for a programme of work, our goal is always to ensure the vessel meets industry standards and is capable of meeting client requirements.

Too often in the past a vessel has been chartered and was found unable to perform the task. Our approach of combining the mariners input with numerical analysis from our naval architects reduces the risk associated with offshore workscopes.

Our full range of marine services includes:

  • CMID/OVID audits
  • Marine warranty surveys
  • Provision of offshore marine representatives
  • Provision of experienced rig movers
  • Vessel sale and purchase survey
  • Damage and collision surveys
  • Vessel vetting
  • Drafting of marine operations manuals
  • Financial due diligence
  • Expert witness

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