digital deadweight management

What is

Tymor is proud to launch, our marine-based tracking tech designed to cut costs, improve efficiency, and (figuratively) take the weight out of deadweight audits. is a secure database with the ability to track deadweight data, and is part of Tymor’s Integrated Stability Management philosophy. It gives the user the ability to identify deadweight inaccuracies, recognise the areas most sensitive to change, and analyse and interpret the data.  It features an encrypted login using two factor authentication, a client-driven dashboard and comes with full support of Tymor’s technical team.


Traditional deadweight audits generally occur every five years. They are inconvenient, they lack continuity in procedures and personnel, and it is a discrete event – there is little or no correlation with previous deadweight audits. Furthermore, traditional manual deadweight audits can produce unwelcome surprises and they lack crew ownership.

Deadweight Audit

Digital Deadweight technology

Once installed, our new system,, can reduce the cost of future deadweight vessel audits by up to 75%. The greatest benefits will be realised by larger vessels, including drilling rigs, FPSOs, cruise ships or warships that have larger crews and multiple changes in deadweight that are not always obvious, but the system is applicable to any vessel operator wishing to streamline work, improve efficiency and reduce cost.

Historical data is stored securely online and accessible to the client, allowing tracking over time with the use of graphs, images and videos, which avoids the need to start again from the beginning with each deadweight audit.

“Tymor Marine launches unique digital technology to cut vessel deadweight audit costs by up to 75%.”


  • Each vessel is set up by Tymor using a custom built client driven GUI
  • The decks are identified and split into pre-assigned spaces and tanks
  • Large spaces are divided into quadrants
  • Each space and tank has pre-assigned LCG, TCG and VCG
  • Weight and VCG above deck of each item is entered in spaces
  • Volume and specific gravity is added to tanks
  • Date of editing each space or tank is recorded
  • Drop down menu of commonly found items as well as ability to add new items to the list
  • Ability to add photographs and videos of spaces and tank gauges for future reference
  • Integrates the vessel lightship additions log

track your stability with tymor

The real-time database provides an auditable trail of deadweight to increase confidence of vessel weight distribution. phone app

Optional features

We offer the ability to assign QR codes to tanks and spaces. This would involve QR code stickers being placed on bulkheads, which can be scanned with the DeadW8 mobile app to bring up area information. Information entered on the app will automatically update the online database.

Additional functionality is available to print a proforma deadweight report for direct submission to authorities.