Award won at SAWE conference

29th May 2019 | MOSIS

Tymor Marine win SAWE Award

Above: Robert Zimmerman (SAWE Vice President) presenting award to Manuela Bucci (Tymor Marine Senior Naval Architect)

Huge congratulations to Manuela Bucci and Professor Colin MacFarlane on their award for best technical paper for “Modernising Ship Stability: Lightship Evolution Diagnostics with In-Service Stability Measurements” at the SAWE Conference in Norfolk, Virginia last week.

The paper targets deficiencies in the traditional approach of measuring stability (one inclining triggered by weight changes detected with five-yearly audits) showing how in-service stability measurements can overcome these gaps by integrating statistical process control in monitoring changes of the ship stability performance over time.

The deficiencies discussed in the paper are:

• inaccuracy of the one-off inclining experiment.

• loss of control of the stability capacity of the ship, due to increasing uncertainty which is neglected in the traditional inclining.

Full abstract can be found here.

We feel this is a leap forward for MOSIS, our proprietary in-service stability solution, in an industry that can be a slow adopter of new technology. We are making it our mission to be disruptors of the traditional inclining, both in attitude and technology, and this is a fantastic start to achieving our goal.

Let’s move naval architecture forward, let’s keep pushing for change.