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What we do

Tymor Marine is a maritime technology & naval architecture consultancy with offices in Aberdeen, Glasgow and Lafayette.

We deliver fit-for-purpose, reliable and agile solutions to a range of vessel operators, asset owners, project planners and seafarers in marine, renewables, defence and offshore industries around the world.

Our unique stability measuring technology, MOSIS, promotes the ongoing monitoring and tracking of a floating vessel’s vertical centre of gravity in service, unlike the occasional traditional inclining experiment. Our maritime technology looks to eliminate the seemingly ever-present uncertainty around a vessel’s stability while improving onboard safety and without impacting operations.

Supporting our technology, we deliver a range of consultancy and engineering services such as vessel stability surveys, upgrades, modifications and sea-fastening of cargo and equipment, subsea deployment analysis, mooring analysis and offshore equipment design and modification.

3 bases, a range of bespoke services

We provide dynamic safety solutions for a range of offshore industries around the world.

Meet the team

Kevin Moran

Kevin Moran

Co-Founder / Managing Director

Kevin set up the business in 2012 to provide practical naval architecture and marine solutions to the global shipping and energy sectors. A part of this vision was to push the use of digital technology to resolve the industry’s perpetual stability issues. Applying over 30 years’ commercial, engineering and seafarer experience, he sets and maintains Tymor’s course and speed.

Prof. Colin MacFarlane

Prof. Colin MacFarlane

Co-Founder / Technical Director

Colin got on board with the company setup in 2012 and took the lead as technical visionary.  With an eclectic background ranging from shipbuilding to Professor of Subsea at Strathclyde University, he provides expert technical consultancy, is a mentor to our naval architects, engineers and designers, and is chief developer of his own flagship invention, MOSIS.