Tymor Marine Ltd would like to congratulate Manuela Bucci, one of our Principal Naval Architects, on the successful completion of a Master of Science in Engineering [Research] and the publishing of a major study on the Applications of a Spectral Wave Model.

Having moved from Italy to Scotland in 2014 speaking basic conversational English but finding her feet quickly in her new home town, Manuela decided to embark on a Masters at the University of Aberdeen, “to get her brain working” (her own words!). Four years later, she is settled as one of Tymor’s finest Naval Architects and she somehow still found the time to complete her thesis.

Spectral wave models are tools for reproducing wave energy from wind, current and bathymetry input. Significant wave height and wave power, for example, are driving quantities for ship motions analysis, offshore operations, renewable energy installations and coastal engineering.

We are hugely proud of her efforts and believe she is an enormous asset to the company, as well as to the industry in Scotland – thankfully even the cold winters haven’t put her off living here yet!